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Politics with Pizza Retrospective: Lelouch and Suzaku

Politics with Pizza Retrospective: Lelouch and Suzaku

In many ways, 2017 is the year of Code Geass. The first season of the anime television series takes place in 2017 of the fictional Britannian imperial calendar, the real world Gregorian 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the show, and a compilation film trilogy and the mysterious sequel Lelouch of the Resurrection were announced for 2017. It remains to be seen if the sequel will surface by the end of the year, but for now the series is back in print on DVD and blu-ray as well as streaming via Funimation or Crunchyroll.

To celebrate, Karleen and Malia are looking back on Code Geass together with a series of retrospective discussions. The anime follows Lelouch Lamperouge, a banished prince rebelling against his father’s empire as the masked terrorist “Zero.” Lelouch seeks revenge for negligence in causing his mother’s death as well as his sister’s paralysis and blindness. Granted the magical power of geass by a mystical stranger, Lelouch can make anyone follow his commands. In his way stands Suzaku Kururugi, his long-lost childhood friend who allies with the empire as a mech pilot despite being native to its Japanese colony. There’s also Arthurian allusions, high school hijinks, and of course Pizza Hut product placement. Let’s begin with the heart of the story: Lelouch and Suzaku. Expect major spoilers for the entire series!

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“Born Sexy Yesterday” Case Study: Ashi

“Born Sexy Yesterday” Case Study: Ashi

I only watched a handful of Samurai Jack episodes as a child, but I couldn’t miss its conclusive return on Adult Swim this year. It gave me hope that creative, artistic shows cancelled prematurely could come back to life. (I’ll wait for you forever, Motorcity.) The fifth season finds Jack 50 years later directionless without his sword, the only weapon that can defeat Aku and restore peace to the world. A pack of Aku-worshipping septuplets come to murder him, though only one named Ashi survives. The early episodes were impressive, but my excitement dimmed after the direction Ashi’s arc took in the eighth episode.

Warning: this post contains spoilers for Samurai Jack season five, Princess Mononoke, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

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Reflecting on Samurai Flamenco

Reflecting on Samurai Flamenco

I wish I could say March 27th 2014 was the day “Goto-san, let’s get married!” was heard ’round the world as the series finale of Samurai Flamenco aired. Unfortunately, many viewers had abandoned Samurai Flamenco along its broadcast or simply weren’t watching it to begin with like myself. Thankfully the sliver of attention a marriage proposal between men characters received convinced me to check out what became one of my favorite anime series for its exploration of immaturity, nostalgia, social misfits, queerness, and love. I know it’s a silly show, but I like to take it seriously too.

Samurai Flamenco follows a young man named Masayoshi in his effort to become a superhero like those of tokusatsu he’s idolized all his life. On his first patrol, he winds up stripped of his homemade costume and accused of public indecency by a police officer named Goto. Instead of arresting him, Goto hears him out and becomes the confidant of the city’s mysterious vigilante. The sensible Goto and eccentric Masayoshi naturally clash, but their teamwork forms the heart of the show. Masayoshi also joins forces with a powerless but destructive magical girl named Mari, plus her sidekicks Moe and Mizuki. Mari and Moe are already a couple, but Masayoshi’s love story is just beginning…

This post contains spoilers for Samurai Flamenco from the seventh episode to the end. This show takes many twists and turns so if you wish to experience it unspoiled, I recommend watching it (on CrunchyrollNetflix, Hulu, etc.) before reading on. The streams tragically don’t have the polish of the Blu-ray version, however.

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Favorites of 2016

Favorites of 2016

It’s been a while… and it’s been quite a year. For now, Malia and Karleen are looking back at their favorite fiction from the past year. Not necessarily the best, but the favorites. In a year like 2016, our comforts and catharsis are all the more important.

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Glee Club Reunion #1

Glee Club Reunion #1

So, Glee. It’s only 2016, so just a little over a year since it officially ended though at least a few years since its actual.

There’s a lot that’s already been said about this show: It’s innovative, it’s messy, it’s breaking down cultural barriers, it treats everyone horribly and is proud of it, etc. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. I can’t imagine I’ll add much new discourse or insight about it but, as a personal curiosity and project, I can try to dig at what struck a nerve during my teenage years and see what still holds up (or at least taps into my nostalgia and fondness).

Basically, I’m going to watch it all, because Netflix is an amazing convenience and enabler. About half of it will be a rewatch and the other half is brand new to my jaded eyes (though I did watch the series finale and read plenty of spoilers). So something like a recap and review series. I was planning to do a post for every episode but there’s six seasons with 121 episodes. No one needs that. I’ll probably just post every few or several episodes with some single episodes highlighted? It depends on how I feel.  Also I’m calling it “Glee Club Reunion.”

To be upfront about a few things:

  • I hate Will Schuester. I didn’t always hate him but I’ll get into that later.
  • I like Puck a lot, but I feel very dubious about Mark Salling, given the news of being charged with possession of child pornography. I don’t feel too uncomfortable talking about his character, as they are separate, but I wanted to be clear about this.
  • I’m quite critical of the show. I have affection for it but it’s deeply, deeply flawed. This is a way of revisiting my criticisms of a teenager and seeing if those are still valid, as well as remember what worked.
  • I have, frankly, fairly bad taste in music. I have plenty of songs I would die on a hill for, but I’m also down for a lot of mediocre pop garbage. And some ballads. Guaranteed, no matter what episode, I will like at least one song. So I’ll have a bit at the end about which songs I like and dislike (I might make a playlist of my favorites later.)
  • I’m not a film major, or an English, or any sort of expert in anything about storytelling. I just have my thoughts and my feelings that I’ll try my best to articulate.
  • Will Schuester is a badly written character.

Anyway, I watched the pilot last night.

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