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Love and Romance in The Cursed Child

Love and Romance in The Cursed Child

I had a beautiful dream to kick off my posts on this blog with a rare, untouched topic. But here I am writing about the latest addition to a hugely popular series everyone is giving their hot take on.

Confession: I read the synopsis of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child shortly after the play premiered. I was so bewildered by the rumored plot I had to check it out. I was mostly amused by what I found, whether or not it was true. However, I was left dreading one thing: development of a deep bond between Albus Severus and Scorpius, but pairing them each off with girls. Now that I have read the script, my worries have been proven true among other discomforts with how it handled love. So I had to put together these thoughts despite my noble dream.

Of course, the rest of this post will contain spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Continue reading “Love and Romance in The Cursed Child”