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Presenting the LGBTQ Manga Book Club

Presenting the LGBTQ Manga Book Club

After the positive response to our Beyond Yuri on Ice: LGBTQ Anime and Manga panel and blog post, we wanted to engage with those anime and manga on a new level. It’s one thing to hear about a work of fiction in an overview of many, and another to experience it yourself. To encourage that we’re starting a monthly LGBTQ Manga Book Club! We say manga book club, but it will occasionally include anime. Discussion will take place in WordPress comments as well as a Goodreads group. Goodreads is a social network based around books, such as sharing what you read and writing reviews. The book club group has a forum for discussion and a reference “bookshelf” of manga with LGBTQ themes.

Whether manga or anime, the monthly media will be on the shorter side. May’s manga is only one book: the first volume of My Brother’s Husband by Gengoroh Tagame! Available in English as of yesterday in hardcover or digital! The English version combines the first and second volumes of the Japanese edition. The manga is seen from the point of view a straight Japanese man named Yaichi, who learns not only is his twin brother dead but he was married to a white Canadian man for ten years. Mike, the husband, moves in with Yaichi and his daughter Kana. Yaichi must confront his prejudice in a story of family, discrimination, identity, and cultural difference. Be warned this includes depiction of heterosexism/homophobia, slurs, and death of family members.

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Beyond Yuri on Ice: LGBTQ Anime and Manga

Beyond Yuri on Ice: LGBTQ Anime and Manga

Thank you to everyone who attended our panel Beyond Yuri!!! on Ice: LGBTQ Anime and Manga at Sakura-con 2017 (or wanted to and didn’t get in)! We didn’t expect so many people and were incredibly grateful for the support. We plan to run this panel again with better structure, hopefully new anime and manga to talk about, and actually time for questions and discussion! For now, here is the gist of what we covered at Sakura-con, including more detail on topics we had to rush through because of time. So even if you attended the panel, you should take a look at our full post:

The title isn’t a knock on Yuri!!! on Ice at all. (We hosted this panel cosplaying Yuri and Victor, after all.) Rather, we want to use its popularity as a springboard to bring attention to other anime and manga that feature LGBTQ themes and issues. To clarify, we mean to cover a variety of manga and anime that portray LGBTQ themes in positive, negative, and mixed ways. This includes some gross stereotypes and tired tropes, given that they can affect what may be seen as LGBTQ representation. (In other words, keep in mind that we’ll be talking about homophobic, transphobic, and gender essentialist content.) Anime or manga that use the words lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and queer are rare; but we’re working with those that come as close to it as possible. By the way, we won’t be including adaptations of video games, visual novels, and light novels because it would simply get too long. Those mediums have unique histories and formats that require analysis outside the scope of this panel. We’ll be making only a few exceptions as necessary.

Though as a disclaimer, when it comes to our criticism, we don’t mean it as a personal condemnation or attack on anyone who enjoys any work we discuss in a critical manner. Both of us love most of the media that we cover here, even when they’re deeply flawed. Obviously, fans aren’t synonymous with all the problematic ideas a story can contain and perpetuate. We think critical analysis of media is important and even when we love something or think that it’s important, doesn’t mean it’s excused from critique. If everyone can agree on one thing, it’s that media can have great impact, positive and negative, which is worth some discussion at least.

Also, when it comes to most of the Japanese creators we talk, we only know so much about their identities and private lives. Most of those that are openly out as LGBTQ are mangaka, and still, many mangaka who makes LGBTQ content work under aliases and are fairly private about themselves. Between this and the culture and language barriers, we try not to assume too much about the creators themselves. Rather, we can only judge them by the content of their works and how they may resonate or not.

We will also be including LGBTQ history and topics in Japan to give context and see how they connect to anime and manga. The only spoilers we’ll discuss will be relevant to the LGBTQ content. If you were recommended an anime on the basis it has a gay character but it turned out they were actually straight or they die you’d want to know beforehand, right? We’re sorry if we don’t mention your favorite anime and manga, but it’s impossible for us to know and cover everything. We’ve aimed to include a variety of works with major LGBTQ characters and themes, but more importantly manga by LGBTQ creators. We’re also prioritizing those that are legally available in the United States, unless they’re historically important or otherwise significant.

With that in mind, here we go!

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Love and Romance in The Cursed Child

Love and Romance in The Cursed Child

I had a beautiful dream to kick off my posts on this blog with a rare, untouched topic. But here I am writing about the latest addition to a hugely popular series everyone is giving their hot take on.

Confession: I read the synopsis of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child shortly after the play premiered. I was so bewildered by the rumored plot I had to check it out. I was mostly amused by what I found, whether or not it was true. However, I was left dreading one thing: development of a deep bond between Albus Severus and Scorpius, but pairing them each off with girls. Now that I have read the script, my worries have been proven true among other discomforts with how it handled love. So I had to put together these thoughts despite my noble dream.

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